Syence Taps ruuth for Upbeat Pop Hit 'a little bit bored' [Listen]

Syence Taps ruuth for Upbeat Pop Hit ‘a little bit bored’ [Listen]


Emerging pop duo Syence and German singer/songwriter Ruuth have teamed up together for the impossibly fun electronic tune “a little bit bored.” The release has already amassed over 21 million streams on Triller via NYX Cosmetic’s Spring 2021 product drop in December 2020.


Syence mentions about the single, “[…] The story that Ruuth is able to tell in the short time throughout the song really resonated with us and made it so easy to build out the production around the vocal.” 

Ruuth adds,”I really get turned off by the type of people who text me with way too many emojis and act too needy. When Quarterhead, Syence, and Chris James echoed that they had similar experiences, we immediately felt that we had a fun concept going. Now, with the pandemic, it feels even more right to re-evaluate the types of relationships we want to keep and the ones we want to let go of.”

Featured image via artist.

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