SYB Shares First Glance at Forthcoming EP With 'All I See' [RB Premiere]

Coming full circle, la-based producer SYB was once behind the scenes in the music industry, doing marketing until he “retired” from the business side to pursue his own own love of music. Now carving his path full-time as a DJ and producer, snagging gigs over LA, SYB makes it known that 2020 will be something special. Fresh off of his forthcoming EP Savage Yung Romance is the light-hearted lead single “All I See” featuring Rypsa, out everywhere today.

Finding himself inspired by his travels around the world, he dives into his own interests in a uniquely contemporary dance-pop song with some inspirational help from said travels. “All I See” is a “product of leaning into the musical elements found to have had the most staying power through time, emphasizing melody, harmony, instrumentation, dynamics, full use of the sonic spectrum, and an emotionally resonating thematic core,” according to SYB.

Give “All I See” a listen below:

“After I produced the track and started seeing reactions from people I played it for, I realized it was something that would impactful a large live audience. It brought me back to peak festival experiences which are all grounded in who I was with. Regardless of how crazy the event is, my experience is always rooted in the people I went with. At a festival I find there is a complementary dichotomy of the intimate and the massive, the wide spectacle of the event and the close relationships you directly experience it with.

The reasons why festivals are so resonant with youth and progressive culture are the same reasons I started the project. It’s a place to go and be free from the repression felt in the rest of life. It’s a space that encourages expression and association, where you can listen to who you identity with and be free to act in ways that would be seen as disturbances in day to day life.

As mentioned above, while he was still working at an established music firm, he began releasing remixes which drew some momentum from a handful of blogs in the field. He began thinking about his “unique creative value [and] how to use hard technical production skills” and the choice for SYB was clear: make music full-time. This March marks a milestone for him: one year that he left the corporate life for music.

2020 and beyond is about continuing these trend lines with further releases to a widening global audience. The vision is crystal clear and I think you’d be hard pressed to find an organic artist project with a stronger velocity moving into the new decade.”


While wrapping up this premiere, we had one final burning question for SYB: What does SYB stand for (if anything?) To which he responded that:

Anyone who knows me suffers my sense of humor which features extensive pun usage. I started telling people that my rapper alias would be Savage Yung Blanc after my favorite wine and I quickly realized that it was a memorable name. When I launched my artist project and started getting billing for shows management and I realized it would have more impact as initials hence, SYB.”

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