Swaylo Stuns With Spiritual Journey in New Single 'Ascension' [Listen]
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Swaylo Stuns With Spiritual Journey in New Single ‘Ascension’ [Listen]

After the release of his worldwide influenced EP Reflections last year, Swayló continues to captivate with an experimental global sound fusion, combining techno, house, and hip-hop instrumentals for an out-of-body listening experience. The rising electronic producer, artist, and visionary, continues this venture in the form of a new single, titled “Ascension.”

Swayló created “Ascension” during a full moon cycle with the “belief that Earth is currently going through an ‘Ascension’ itself.” By incorporating retro samples and world instruments – a signature Swayló sound – “Ascension” continues to build throughout the track as your ears enjoy the spirtitual journey. Those that are fans of CloZee will find solace in SWAYLÓ.

I designed this track to be centered around the idea that the Earth is going through an Ascension. As we step into a higher form of existence, our old negative ways and patterns will be left behind. We will emerge into a place of pure connection with our natural environment, with others and most importantly within ourselves. “  – Swaylo

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