Super Future Drops Wild Remix of LSDream and Kayoh's 'REKT' [Listen]

Super Future Drops Wild Remix of LSDream and Kayoh's 'REKT' [Listen]

Nick Rowland’s enthusiasm for exploring far-reaching corners of bass music is refreshing. When I interviewed him over a year ago, he was producing gin-clear, emotive future bass with strong guitar flourishes as Super Future. Since then, I’ve seen him expand to a more frenzied subwoofer bombast.

With that style in mind, remixing a heavyweight Wakaan tune from LSDream and Kayoh already makes sense. That didn’t prepare us for how brazen and fierce this remix turned out, however.

REKT” is maybe the essential LSDream tune. It’s bright, funky and starkly space-age. It almost demands to be played loudly from a car stereo. Super Future took it upon himself to keep the gangster swing front and center, but what he’s added crackles off the meters like sound design Pop Rocks.

It’s overwhelming how many infectious sound tricks are pulled off cohesively. I can barely follow the dozens of stilted vocal chops and hidden stutters that blend so nicely in the margins. It’s a caffeinated crash course through a song already noted for its originality.

A minute into the remix there’s a chirping, distorted rush that I’ve only heard in Super Future tracks. It’s one of those diabolic turns of phrase that keeps remixes like these as good, if not better than the original.

It’s hard to believe “REKT” came out in 2019 given how often its played out. Super Future answered the creative punch of LSDream and Kayoh’s smash hit by lending deviously original vibrancy to the mix, and to great effect.

Featured image via the artist. 

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