Super Duper and Lonas Deliver Sweet New Single "Honey" [Premiere]

Super Duper and Lonas Deliver Sweet New Single “Honey” [Premiere]

Super Duper Honey Artwork with figure swimming in water

Super Duper and singer-songwriter Lonas just dropped a dazzling new collaboration “Honey”, and we’re pleased to bring you the first listen.

Nashville-based Super Duper‘s versatility continues to shine, this time on “Honey”, the follow-up single to the exclamatory instrumental “Here With You” he dropped last month. After a surprisingly folksy intro, the track delivers an exuberant explosion of sound. “Honey” features a smoothly evolving soundscape and an entrancing topline from guest vocalist Lonas. Those vocals intermix soothingly with lush layered synths and floating melodies, creating a joyful and nostalgic feel, as Lonas explains:

“Honey is a song for the romantic nostalgic in all of us. We look back with a hazy fondness and long for a time before gravity. Whether that time ever really existed is, of course, irrelevant. We keep daydreaming all the same.”-Lonas

Having previously sat down with Super Duper for an exclusive River Beats interview for his 2020 debut album HALLELUJAH!, I’m well in tune with the producer’s sheer talent. That said, these last couple releases are two of the more dynamic electronic tracks I’ve heard in recent memory. Beyond the recent releases, Super Duper’s work has also found its way into other corners of the world, with commercial production credits for the likes of Google, Playstation, Peloton, and more, and a recently-won Clio award for scoring the trailer to Steve McQueen’s new motion picture Widows. With “Honey” out in the wild, we’re eager to see what Super Duper comes up with next.

Check out the new Super Duper single below and let us know what you think!


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