Summer Festivals and Concerts in 2021. What to Expect?
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Summer Festivals and Concerts in 2021. What to Expect?

In three months, the long-awaited summer begins for students who are tired of studying remotely. Traditionally, this is the time of outdoor music festivals. Students can forget about problems and such questions as “will I have time to pass the exam,” “who will do my PowerPoint for me,” “can I write the essay correctly.” Everyone is waiting for these months when the world becomes cramped by good music, joy, communication from different cities and countries, and travel.

But this year is unique and challenging like 2020 was. Will the summer music season open? What are the prospects for festival life in 2021? How not be afraid to go out, listen to music together again? Now the ban on mass events, the introduction of quarantines, and the closure of state borders keep the organizers of many events scheduled for the summer of 2021 in suspense. The situation with the growth of the coronavirus epidemic in the world remains uncertain but has already managed to affect many areas of our life. Many virologists are predicting a decline in restrictions and a bright future for traveling in the summer.

How will this problem be solved?

Many organizers say it’s too early to talk about festivals because no one knows how long the restrictions will last. In the optimistic scenario, the industry will take about two years to return to normal. However, no one guarantees that the world will be the same after the epidemic, although there is hope that the public’s attraction to mass outdoor events will not change. Of course, the best support for a speedy recovery would be financial support for the cultural sector, as is being done, for example, in Germany. After all, only comprehensive government support can help this industry survive.

Well, to minimize the financial and reputational losses of show business, it is necessary, first of all, to preserve the planned events. Fortunately, both artists and partners meet each other and are ready to discuss new conditions, taking into account the current situation. In turn, the audience, too, for the most part, got into position and are ready to wait. The common misfortune brought us together, but our common responsibility in such conditions also increased! In the meantime, online concerts are being successfully held, which are attractive to millions of viewers.

This is a completely different approach to project implementation and a rewarding experience. The main quality that organizers see in online concerts is the possibility of improving technologies (visual, audio, and others). Because the products that appeared during the first online gigs and what we get now are already seriously different, which is a definite plus. This is what the pandemic taught us, confirming the well-known truth that we need to develop and evaluate. We also need to be ready for something new and unexpected.

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