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Subtronics Drops Unreleased Collab With Marshmello During Insomniac's Virtual Rave-A-Thon [Watch]

Who doesn’t Marshmello have a collab with? That’s the real question we need to be asking as we start this story. Seriously the guy has collaborated with just about everyone since stepping onto the scene in 2016. 

And now he has a collab with one of the fastest rising names in all of bass music, Subtronics. Last night Subtronics and the cyclops army enjoyed a fast and furious set during Insomniac’s virtual rave-a-thon. 

The event took the place of EDC Las Vegas. Unfortunately, we all know that event is not happening as planned, so Insomniac improvised this weekend with a huge Livestream festival with over 25+ names on the bill. 

Subtronics took the airwaves at almost 3:00 am EST, so if you missed it, we don’t blame you. But around halfway through his set Subtronics released an ID with Marshmello while 53,000 live fans watched and listened. According to fans in the chat section, the track was debuted at what is turning out to be the only real festival of 2020, Okeechobee. 

Maybe Mellotronics is headed towards release sometime soon. We happened to catch some interesting lyrics during the ID, and boy is it great. 

“He was acting crazy starting mosh-pits, and then he took his helmet off….and underneath his helmet…..he’s a cyclops!”

So without further ado, we give you the unreleased single from Marshmello and Subtronics. EDC’s rave-a-thon continues tonight, starting at 5 pm PST! 

Subtronics X Marshmello (ID) from r/EDM

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