Enter Subshock, Evangelos, & Juicy M's World of Bass-House & Psytrance [Listen]
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Enter Subshock, Evangelos, & Juicy M’s World of Bass-House & Psytrance [Listen]

This one is for the shufflers! Subshock, Evangelos, and Juicy M combined their music talents on this bass-house and psytrance tune, rightfully titled “Psyhaus.” Out on Spinnin’ Records, “Psyhaus” pulls equally from both genres in terms of fast rhythms and energetic percussion. The combination of bass-house and psytrance is a risky one, but one that Subshock and Evangelos execute perfectly.

Subshock and Evangelos are currently running the bass-house music scene over in Spain. The two currently host their own party, titled DOPE HAUS, and are owners of the DOPE SQVAD Label. With more than 35 releases under their belts, and more to come for 2019, you’ll want to add these guys to your list to watch! 

Listen to “Psyhaus” below:

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