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SubDocta Just Prescribed a Heavy Dose of Hypnotism With This New Track [Listen]

The low-frequency doctor is prescribing hypnotism in the form of heavy wobbles, colossal drops, and even some elephant horns in his newest track.  

SubDocta blends old, 2000s-style dub with innovative breaks and otherworldly sounds that are emerging from the dark underground bass scene. He’s known for throwing down eclectic sets that feature hybrids of nearly all sub-genres of bass music. And this is exactly what we get with “Hypnosis.” Give the track a listen below, and let us know what you think.  

The track was released by our friends over at Fresh Blood, who emerged from industry leaders Buygore to provide a platform for innovative, up-and-coming underground artists.

Subdocta has been everywhere in 2018, with even Bassnectar taking notice and supporting some of his recent releases. Look forward to forthcoming singles, EPs, and heavy festival/touring performances in 2018; SubDocta is on his way up.

Photo: Anthony Gomes IV Photography 

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