'Stuck In My Mind' From RN ISMO Drops on Dumb Safari with Ramin Rezaie Set For Official Remix [Premiere]

‘Stuck In My Mind’ From RN ISMO Drops on Dumb Safari with Ramin Rezaie Set For Official Remix [Premiere]

Debuting on River Beats dance today is “Minimal Tech Daddy” RN ISMO and Ramin Rezaie. RN ISMO is a Detroit-based artist who is 1/2 of Invite Only a duo of TekNoNo and RN ISMO. His new single Stuck In My Mind has a new remix that is out today and officially premiering on River Beats Dance today. 

The idea for the new single came from a trip to Scotland in 2021. RN ISMO stated some inspirations behind the release. 

“Discovering a poignant vocal sample stirred deep emotions that I wanted to release. In addition, I wanted to encompass crafting diverse drum grooves reflecting the essence of Detroit. This record is a unique homage to house music, exploring new creative territories.” 

The new single & remix by Ramin Rezaie is being released on Huxley’s label DUMB SAFARI. A big-time release for RN ISMO who spoke on how that came to be and how it feels to be out on such a cool new label. 

“Above all, the people involved give this project its true significance. Huxley and Ramin have profoundly shaped my career and personal growth, imparting wisdom on art and life during our moments together in Ibiza. They’ve taught me the importance of artistic expression that resonates with oneself while fostering meaningful relationships. Hux and Ramin will always hold a special place in my heart. 

While “Stuck In My Mind” holds its sonic value, it also carries a deeply personal message that adds layers of meaning to the project. I am honored to finally have this record out on Huxley’s Dumb Safari while having Ramin Rezaie take the reins on the remix. It is truly a full-circle moment.”

RN ISMO influences date back to some dance legends. He has been immersed in electronic dance music, listening to Jean Michel Jarre, The Prodigy, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Deadmau5, and much more. 

“In 2017, I took a leap of faith and started to produce. I didn’t know where I would end up, but I kept on swimming and learning more about myself through the process” 

The official single & remix are out today and you should give it a listen. At the core of RN ISMO’s creative process lies a profound inquiry: How can a vocal sample convey a narrative that transcends time without imposing constraints? 

Presenting his work to Huxley for feedback opened a door to invaluable insight. He underscored the essence of artistic freedom and the importance of allowing expression to flourish. In response, Huxley offered a guiding principle: “Do not pass judgment on the art; rather, allow it to unfold naturally. While you serve as the conductor, the universe is the true creator. To stifle such expression would be a disservice.”

Regarding the new single RN ISMO chatted about why Ramin was able to knock the remix out of the park while still holding to the single’s original mission. 

“I wouldn’t be in the position that I am today if it weren’t for Ramin. Frankly, RN ISMO wouldn’t exist. Ramin’s interpretation is Tight. RAW. Groove. His narratives are always about the grooves. It takes a trained ear to fully appreciate all the nuances that Ramin incorporates into each record. I would encourage listeners to pay close attention to his drum progressions and overall patient arrangement. It is a masterclass disguised in a track!” 

What is upcoming beyond this release? RN ISMO just launched a new label, ISMOS, which focuses on expression outside your comfort zone but inside your groove. He plans to join his brother TekNoNo as INVITE ONLY during the official Movement AfterParty for KMS Showcase on Sunday, May 26th. See the rest of the full interview below. 


RB: The world of electronic music is always evolving. How do you keep your sound fresh and where do you get your inspiration from?

“I always strive to learn and grow as a producer, understanding why certain elements are added or removed throughout an arrangement… and ultimately, what elements work on a dance floor. I am inspired by PAWSA, Golfos, and Dragutesku.In terms of keeping my sound fresh, I aim not to focus on trends and create from a place of authenticity and full artistic expression. I trust the universe to continue to unfold on its own accord, all the while embracing the RN ISMO project as a whole.”

RB: Working with others, like your collaboration with Ramin, can bring something special to the table. How do you pick your collaborators, and what’s important to you in a collaboration?

“It starts with mutual respect and a relationship. I always come from a place of: “What art can we create together?” and see how it unfolds. The most challenging part is the compromise. Sometimes, both parties can advocate for a specific element and expression, which can create friction. It can be tricky to move past those emotions. Nevertheless, the more natural and in the flow you are with a collaborator, the easier it is. So, I tend to gravitate towards that.”

RB: Getting your music out on a label like DUMB SAFARI can be a big step. What are you hoping comes next in your music journey?

“My only label goal is Solid Grooves. Solid Grooves has given me so much in my career that it would be an honor to have a release. Otherwise, continue to create and see how the project RN ISMO unfolds. I am enjoying the journey!”

RB: With both the original and the remix now out, what do you hope listeners feel or take away from it?

“I’ll let the art unfold in the eyes of the beholder. My expression might mean something else entirely to each individual. If people would like to share what it meant for them, feel free to DM me @rnismomusic.”

RB: Are any exciting plans or projects on the horizon you can share? How do you see your music or creative direction evolving from here?

“I launched my label ISMOS, which focuses on expression outside your comfort zone but inside your groove. The label allows the artist full artistic expression while embracing the culture of minimal and minimal tech. Expect something in the latter half of 2024. I am excited to join my brother TekNoNo as INVITE ONLY during the official Movement AfterParty for KMS Showcase on Sunday, May 26th. We are honored to share the stage with Kevin Saunderson & Saunderson Bros., as it marks an important goal in our careers.”

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