STO CULTR Enter 'Lion Mode' With Latest Release [Listen]

Following their debut release, STO CULTR is back with the melodic “Lion Mode.” The song begins with a slow mixture of strings which were actually recorded live. The strings became the “bone structure” for “Lion Mode,” and evolved to incorporate piano and vocals.

Give “Lion Mode” a listen below:

The international group based out of Stockholm, Sweden combine their three unique flairs to make something special. Members Julimar Santos, Eric Turner, and Carl Björsell were all pursuing individual projects before uniting to create STO CULTR, which they all dropped to focus on this one!

Santos started his career as an MC under the alias J-Son. As J-Son, he toured and collaborated with “many international and Swedish artists;” his flow evolving into something smooth yet meaningful. Turner is known for his hit track “Written in the Stars” with Tinie Tempah. Björsell “has the ability to combine the two distinct worlds of two poets into one smooth and passionate vibe, that grasps the listener with a simplicity of purpose.”

Featured image via artist. 

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