Stephen Drops Stellar First Album Single 'I Never Stay In Love' [Listen]

Stephen just delivered a tantalizing first taste of his upcoming album Akrasia with the first single “I Never Stay In Love”.

Indie-electronic songwriter Stephen is back with a moving single from his freshly announced sophomore album Akrasia. “I Never Stay In Love” marks the first release from the LA-based multi-instrumentalist following his 2019 EP It’s Too Much Love To Know My Dear, offering a captivating look at the evolving artist’s new direction.

On “I Never Stay In Love“, Stephen delivers an emotive intro, eventually growing in both grit and intensity. Stephen’s powerful vocals soar above the distorted synthesizers and bassline, drawing on the fleeting love of a relationship during an extended trip around the world and its impact on his self-realization, as he explains,

“I’ve found in my own life, with certain compulsions for distraction and addictive tendencies – the things that leave me wanting more are generally destructive. I’m using whatever reward it’s giving me as an escape from a problem, to relinquish responsibility or not have to deal with something – be it ourselves or a situation or circumstance. I tend to fall in love really hard and really fast, and I give someone so much, and then it burns out just as quick, and I no longer want it. And it’s often because I recognize the clinging desperate nature of my relationships once the initial honeymoon dust settles.”-Stephen

Perhaps symbolic of what’s to come on Akrasia, Stephen offers vivid imagery of his intense cravings for pleasure and the peaks and valleys of chasing the feeling. Conflicted and introspective, Stephen taps into the on-going theme of self-discovery. Stephen first catapulted the musical ranks with his 2016 single “Crossfire” off his debut album Sincerely; yet, shortly after the artist faced a diagnosis of Lyme disease, leaving his life in LA as a rising artist to refocus back at  home in Vienna, Virginia. Following the release of his 2019 EP It’s Too Much Love To Know My Dear, Stephen set out to Thailand to dive deeper into his own psyche, giving birth to the foundation of Akrasia.

With a music video and additional singles on the way, we’re pumped for what’s to come from Stephen. And if “I Never Stay In Love” is any indication, we’re all in for a wild ride. Fans can preorder and pre-save the album Akrasia due out later this summer here.

Check out the single “I Never Stay In Love” below and stay tuned for more from Stephen!


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