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STANCE Release Illuminating Remix of Align’s ‘Daydreaming’ [Listen]

Rising indie-electronic duo STANCE just released a massive uplifting remix of Align’s vivacious original single ‘Daydreaming.’

Before relocating from Chicago to Seattle, producer-duo STANCE found common ground with Chicago-based producer Align. When the duo caught wind of Align’s outstanding original “Daydreaming,” they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give the song their take.

Align’s original is euphoric and playful, an idea inspired by an early unreleased demo that Odesza dropped at Lightning in a Bottle in 2013. Align fleshed out the idea as an upbeat original with cheery melodies throughout and a flowing four-on-the-floor beat. STANCE’s nature-inspired future sound is equally as energizing as it is introspective, and their spin of “Daydreaming” is a clear view of that vision.

The duo’s rework of “Daydreaming” fills the track with expansive percussion, creating tasteful dramatic moments between the airy breaks. Their bass-heavy midtempo remix adds new melodies throughout while preserving the original’s memorable vocal style. STANCE’s spin moves the track in a refreshing direction while graciously complimenting the exuberance and cheerfulness of the original release.

Stream the remix and the original of “Daydreaming” below and let us know what you think!

Connect with Align: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with STANCE: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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