Spock Debuts Podcast Featuring SVDDEN DEATH, Opens Up About His Experiences on Youtube
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Spock Debuts Podcast Featuring SVDDEN DEATH, Opens Up About His Experiences on Youtube

Dubstep producer Spock is quite literally starting to do it all. If production and performance chops weren’t enough, his hilarious knack for content has elevated his online presence. In a time where overcrowding in the music industry is evident, those that can show a true “renaissance” style stand out amongst the pack. 

The Californian artist just released his latest single “Deadfall” last month and followed that release with two fabulous performances at the Heineken House at Coachella. 


Coachella’s performance followed Deadbeats showcase during Miami Music Week 2019. He played an energetic b2b set with Tisoki before jetting off to Chicago for an opening slot with Excision in Chicago. He chronicled his adventures with the kickoff of his vlog series on youtube.

This came right after his Miami madness mix, a mix filled with originals and IDs. And if that wasn’t enough, he is headed to Red Rocks this June to join Dillion Francis, Shaq, and Blunts & Blondes for the Parade of Bass Festival. 

Trust us, he’s been a busy guy.

The World of Youtube and Music

Known in the comedy world as well, Spock regularly appears on comedy podcasts with large youtube influencers Cody Ko, Noel Miller and the Tiny Meat Gang (TMG). But recently announced the premiere of his own podcast series titled “Spocks Shop Talk.” The first special guest is none other than fellow dubstep producer SVDDEN DEATH. It’s an exciting time as Spock begins to merge his passions for comedy and music over the next few months.

River Beats got an exclusive interview with Spock before the grand unveiling of his latest podcast platform. 

What inspired you to start vlogging? What has the feedback been like from fans?

“I’ve always wanted to start a vlog/video series of some sort, I just struggle with finding ways to make it entertaining or interesting. But making videos while I’m touring alone seems to spark some creativity and silliness. Feedback has been great! I think people really enjoy seeing a side of touring and performing that they don’t usually get to see.”

You’ve got your hands in a lot of different things. How do you find time to produce, perform, vlog, and now host a podcast?

“It’s definitely tough to try and fit everything in, and a lot of times something will get neglected. For instance, I didn’t do my weekly feedback stream last week because that was the only time I had to record the podcast.

I’m loving everything that I have going on right now though. I’m embracing the workload and trying my best to get everything done.”

This new field of content creation will basically give you 24/7 access to your fans, how can you see that impacting your music or your production process?

“It doesn’t really feel new to me! It just feels like an extension of everything I’ve already been doing for years, so truthfully I don’t feel like it impacts my music or production process at all. The only thing I can think of is if I’m producing music on stream I might pursue weirder more silly sounding ideas than normal because it might make it more entertaining to the viewers.”

Tune into the first official release of “Spocks Shop Talk” with SVDDEN Death!

Be on the lookout for Spock in your home town, see his tour dates here!

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