Space Jesus drops Alien-Like Unreleased Eazybaked Tune [Listen]

Space Jesus drops Alien-Like Unreleased Eazybaked Tune [Listen]

Following his own headlining tour last year, Space Jesus is back in the mix. Kicking off 2018, he joins Datsik, Riot Ten, and Wooli across the United States for Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour. To kick off the tour was the crew’s first stop at Aragon Ballroom in Chi-town.

While SJ is known for playing a set primarily filled with his own tracks, there’s one little unreleased tune that people can’t stop talking about. The track, captured by Erik Rowell, is actually the Florida based duo Eazybaked. Facebook blew up once the video was shared, and for good reason. Check out the video below and see why it’s got people obsessed!

Is the Ninja Nation Tour coming near you? Don’t miss out to catch this epic-ness in person!

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