Subtronics, SVDDEN DEATH, & Others' Music Suddenly Removed Illegally From Soundcloud

Subtronics, SVDDEN DEATH, Heckler & Others’ Music Suddenly Removed Illegally From Soundcloud

Could this be the end of Soundcloud for Bass music? It’s sure looking that way. In one of the weirdest stories of the year, some of bass music’s biggest artists are finding their entire catalog removed from the platform. The biggest concern? It was caused by a fraudulent user who claimed copyright strikes on dozens of tracks on Soundcloud. 

Working under an account by the name “Dr. Egg,” this unknown user made copyright violation claims against multiple artists, resulting in the removal of dozens of tracks. Dr. Egg sent several artists messages and emails bragging about the takedowns. You can see his threatening posts below. 

SLIMEZ, Subtronics, XaeborSvdden DeathWooli, Herobust, and Mastadon are among the dozens of artists targeted by the strike. The bass community has taken to the internet to express their concerns but like a crazy black mirror episode, this looks like the end of Soundcloud as we know it. As this story evolves, we will update appropriately. RIP Soundcloud. 

**Update: Since this article was published, Soundcloud has re-uploaded many of the tracks illegally removed. 



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