Sofi Tukker Reflect On Their 2018 & Reveal Upcoming 2019 Plans

Sofi Tukker Reflect On Their 2018 & Reveal Upcoming 2019 Plans [Interview]

Sofi Tukker is a name you’ve probably heard, but may not know much about. The college friends turned music duo have turned heads after being featured in multiple Apple commercials, festival shows, music videos. Safe to say they’re keeping that momentum rolling into the next year! Sophie and Tucker joined ODESZA as support on their 2017-2018 A Moment Apart tour. And since then, the two have been busy behind the scenes focusing on their own mental health, new music, and a potential headlining tour.

River Beats was first introduced to Sofi Tukker during one of the first shows on ODESZA’s A Moment Apart tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This specific show, according to the duo, was one of their highlights of the tour itself: “It [the Staples Center] is such a huge and iconic venue and it was really cool to get to play in that space!

When asked about anything specific that they have coming up for 2019, they said:

Definitely some headline tours and definitely lots of new music — details will come out soon 😉

While watching one of their music videos or seeing them live, they project joy and happiness and light. Their goal is to “connect with people in a way that lifts them up,” and they do exactly that through their music and message. 

In their shows specifically, they bring a certain energy that is unmatchable. Sophie plays live guitar and sings, and Tucker plays drum pads and sings alongside Sophie. If you’ve never seen them live, check out the video below.

You probably noticed the drum pads that look like a palm tree in the middle. They created those drum pads themselves because they wanted…

“…to create something different instead of just playing drum pads. Something visual. Something that helps to create the aesthetic of our jungle stage. We like that it’s tall and we can use our height to play it. We end up getting to act out the music even more than if we were hunched over. For people who don’t know what it is, it’s a large cylinder sculpture with books all around it. And inside the books are contact microphones. So the whole thing acts like a midi drum pad.”

And one last little tidbit for those that didn’t know, Sophie is fluent in English and Portuguese, which she sings on a handful of Sofi Tukker songs, like “Drinkee.” Her favorite thing to say in Portuguese is “beautiful” – “beleza,” which is pretty darn cool! 

Keep an eye out on some news from sofi tukker for next year!

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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