Sober Rob Makes A Bold Statement With Cinematic Debut Album 'RESET' [Listen]
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Sober Rob Makes A Bold Statement With Cinematic Debut Album 'RESET' [Listen]

At the end of each year, Spotify releases a yearly review of singles, artists, and albums we streamed the most. Only a few artists registered two singles on my yearly review, one of those artists was Sober Rob. 

His ability to create cinematic soundscapes while still showcasing his unique future bass sound is what makes him truly special. RESET is just the coming out party for Sober Rob. Debut albums are used to introduce fans to a story, and that’s what RESET does. Jumping from hip-hop and R&B on “Right Now” with Blackbear, to dramatic vocal heavy singles like “Gone” featuring Trevor Daniel, Sober Rob shows his ability to merge genres effortlessly. 

Give RESET a listen below: 


RESET features ten singles: the self-titled single “RESET,” “Right On,” and “Gone” all released over the past month. “Galaxies” featuring Oshi, “Black & Blue” with vocalist Sara Skinner, and five other singles make their appearance for the first time.

Let us know how you think this album stacks up with some of the other albums released this year. 

Featured image via artist. 

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