Smoakland Sets a New 'Standard' on New EP Cinderella 99 [River Beats Premiere]

Smoakland Sets a New ‘Standard’ on New EP Cinderella 99 [River Beats Premiere]

Smoakland is back again with another compilation of speaker punching singles.

This time with their new EP titled “Cinderella 99,” which pays homage to one of their favorite weed strains to smoke while tapping in musically. We linked up with the bass duo from the Bay Area to premiere a track off this EP called “Standard.”

Standard is the opening track on this new body of work and boy does it set the pace for this heart-racing EP. Immediately Smoakland lets us know they have absolutely no boundaries on their musical production. This tune is oozing with UK Grime and Bass House vibes with an eerie build-up that will leave you losing your marbles upon the drop! We can’t wait to hear this one on a big system. 

Smoakland was somewhat new on the scene this year but they have wasted no time becoming a household name in bass music. With 4 back to back sold out socially distant shows at the Black Box in Denver and then supporting bass music heavy hitter, Mersiv, for a two night run of sold-out drive-in shows in Huntsville, AL it’s obvious the pandemic can not stop the hustle of these two young superstars in the making.

When asked what inspired this record, the duo responded “We just wanted to try something different. We love UK hip hop and really wanted to use that genre to inspire the bassline for this. Even though we consider ourselves a dubstep project we don’t want to stop having fun and experimenting with our music. That’s the best part about being a duo, we’re always collaborating and experimenting with new ideas. It makes it really easy to keep the project fun and refreshing that way.”

There is literally something for everyone on Cinderella 99. Something you can cry to, something to make you move your feet, and a collab with Tsimba to make you grab the closest rail possible. We’re excited to hear more from the bass duo Smoakland and we hope you enjoy the EP. 

Dive into Cinderella 99 below! 


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