Exclusive Interview with Brazilian Phonk Producer Slowboy: Pioneering the Sound of the Future

Exclusive Interview with Brazilian Phonk Producer Slowboy: Pioneering the Sound of the Future


In the dynamic world of Phonk music, a unique collaboration of three talented artists has given birth to a track that’s more than just music – it’s a sonic experience. “Brazilian Phonk Mano” is the brainchild of three visionaries: Crazy Mano, lucaf., and the mastermind behind it all, Slowboy. In this exclusive interview, we dive into Slowboy’s beginnings as a producer and get a glimpse of his upcoming plans for the next year.

Hailing from Norway, Slowboy, also known as William Rød, has risen from the underground scene to become a driving force in the Brazilian Phonk sound. With an impressive 5.3 million monthly Spotify listeners, his beats have garnered over 100 million streams for “Brazilian Phonk Mano” across various platforms. Slowboy’s music has become a staple in countless TikTok and Instagram videos, thanks to his innovative take on Brazilian Phonk that perfectly aligned with the genre’s rise in popularity. As DJs around the world embraced his tracks and the genre gained traction online and in clubs, Slowboy found himself in the right place at the right time, capitalizing on the genre’s momentum.

“Brazilian Phonk Mano” serves as a powerful amalgamation of three Phonk luminaries, a high-energy anthem primed to ignite festivals and dancefloors worldwide. As we embark on this sonic journey through the world of Brazilian Phonk, Slowboy’s story unfolds – one of seizing opportunities, pushing boundaries, and making an impact in a genre that’s redefining modern music. Our exclusive interview takes you deep into Slowboy’s creative process, tracing his path to this point and providing insights into his plans for the coming year. Amid the pulsating beats of Brazilian Phonk, one thing is clear: Slowboy’s influence is set to reverberate for years to come, with even greater chapters yet to be written.

An Insightful Chat with Brazilian Phonk Producer Slowboy

What got you into music originally?

I was never good at learning instruments and didn’t think I would pursue anything to do with music. My brother could play drums and guitar since he was young and used to play in bands. He converted to making beats when he got older and I got interested in rapping. So I would occasionally rap over his beats using an online music maker. He tried to get me into producing but I wasn’t too fond of the idea at the beginning. But after a while, I gave it a chance and got my own DAW.

When was the first time you made a song?

Around 4 or 5 years ago I made my first song.

When did you know you were truly blowing up within the space of the “Brazilian Phonk” scene?

It was when I repeatedly started seeing my own song on my FYP on TikTok. The numbers started increasing more than usual and that’s when I kinda knew something had happened. From there people look to me for new Brazilian music a lot of the time, so I love outputting tracks to meet that demand.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

My plan is to just continue with what I’m already doing and much more. Collaborate with more unique artists and enjoy the journey as well as traveling and doing shows.

What keeps you motivated and driven?

The support that I’m receiving through messages and comments is something that gets me going and wanting me to make more music that I can share with my listeners. Seeing good reception to new music is always good to see.


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