Slow Magic's Buoyant Beats Shine in 'Closer 2 U' EP [Listen]

Slow Magic’s Buoyant Beats Shine in ‘Closer 2 U’ EP [Listen]

Slow Magic will be Closer 2 U after you give a listen to his newest EP. What was supposed to be titled it’s the end of the world but it’s ok, Slow Magic reveals his latest EP in its entirety today. Slow Magic explained that “‘Closer 2 U’ represents the difficulties of distance and the importance of connection” amid a life where we have to social distance from those that mean most to us. Though it does feel like the end of the world, the masked artist wanted to focus more on the connection and staying close to those we care about, which is represented in each track.

Comprised of 4 songs, the EP includes 2 previous single releases: “Somewhere,” a track co-produced by Shallou, featuring the lyrical genius of Woven in Hiatus; and the EP’s self-titled track “Closer 2 U” featuring Moving Castle mainstay Manila Killa. The bright and shimmery EP continues with “Heartbeat / Helicopter” and “Wild,” as the bridge between Slow Magic’s signature beats collide with something new.

Give the EP a listen below:

“’I want this EP to encourage and inspire people to reach out to the ones they care about in a time where we are all feeling distant.” 

– Slow Magic

Featured image via artist.

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