Slimez Gets 'MAD' In New Single via Nectar Collective
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Slimez Gets ‘MAD’ In New Single via Nectar Collective

Slimez - Get Mad

Cameron ‘Slimez’ Kush just popped up on our radar with a face-melting track titled ‘Get Mad.’ and it’s nothing short of a mosh pit starter! Sampling  70’s Drama film “Network”, Cameron works the Bass magic that he’s shown throughout his music.

Following his most recent Nectar Collective release, “The Sound”, as well as recent, self-released tracks, Slimez is continuing to move forward with a more aggressive sound of Dubstep.

You can download the track for free here, and be sure to follow Slimez to keep up the with latest from this fresh producer!

Connect with Slimez:
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