Skrillex Blesses Fans with Second Consecutive Release Day, Drops 'Way Back Home' With Trippie Redd [Listen]
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Skrillex Blesses Fans with Second Consecutive Release, Drops ‘Way Back’ With Trippie Redd [Listen]

Two consecutive days of Skrillex releases. Seriously, what have we done for this greatness? After almost three years of teasing a new album, it seems Skrillex has finally decided 2023 is the right time.

Yesterday fans were gifted the official release of “Rumble” by Fred Again, Skrillex, and Flowdan. If you are unfamiliar with the track, it hit viral status in 2022 after Freg Again previewed it in his ridiculous Boiler Room set.

Since that moment, fans have pondered whether an actual album from Skrillex was on the way, or if this was just another single release in a string of single releases over the past few years.

Well, those rumors of another album were confirmed earlier this week when Skrillex put out “Rumble,” and not even 36 hours later fans were gifted another release by Skrillex.  This one comes courtesy of Trippie Redd, Skrillex, and pinkpantheress. The single, “Way Back” is definitely different than “Rumble” and honestly, we are here for the diversity Skrillex has always shown.

You can stream the new single below, and stay tuned for more news from Skrillex, as it seems an album release date is on the way!

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