Skrillex Unexpectedly Drops New Single Kilptown Empyrean [Listen]
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Skrillex Unexpectedly Drops New Single Kilptown Empyrean [Listen]

Who loves a good 3 am Skrillex Tweet? How about a 3 am Skrillex tweet that features new music? Well, you are in luck, because that’s exactly what we were just gifted with. Skrillex just dropped an interesting 3 minute single on youtube this morning.

No real information on this one yet. The interwebs are currently saying Skrillex finished this track while prepping for his album, and decided to drop it for free on Youtube. This comes one day after the ten year anniversary of Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites. 

This supposed Skrillex album is over two years old now, so we can only hope that story is true.  For now, let’s just enjoy the randomness of new Skrillex music this Friday. 

You can listen to the new single below!


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