Skrillex & Travis Scott Explain 'Sicko Mode' Remix & Chat About Future Collaborations
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Skrillex & Travis Scott Explain ‘Sicko Mode’ Remix & Chat About Future Collaborations

Amid the release of his “Sicko Mode” remix, it looks like Skrillex and Travis Scott might have a little more up their sleeves.

The two gave a recent interview to Billboard in which they spoke on the possibility of collaborating in the near future, as well as how this remix came about. 

The remix was met with mixed emotion, including some critical comments from myself included. But the bro-step pioneer explained it wasn’t the easiest track to remix, so he decided to keep very in line with the original. 

“For me, it’s rare when I do a remix, but it’s rarer when I’m in love with certain elements. So, I ended up kind of re-sounding some of the main elements, because I wanted to take it on kind of a journey and take it to new places after about halfway. […] As you said, there’s already three different songs in one song and then me putting a couple of extra layers on it, is all about doing it justice in my own eyes, ultimately.” 

And for some future work together? Billboard asked if there’s a possibility for any more collaborations down the road? Scott and Skrillex explained that the vibe they share could lead to some future work.

Scott: Hell yeah! We would love that. He was playing me some beats and that shit was crazy. 

Skrillex: When we were kicking it and working a little bit on the remix, we were kind of hanging out in the studio and I ended up playing him a ton of more beats. I like taking in everything organic and making everything natural. Doing something together in the future is definitely on the horizon, you know? It’s a vibe for sure. 

So for now, let’s hope and pray Skrillex can deliver a crazy collab with one of raps biggest names. You can find the full interview from Billboard here. The two share a few more cool stories from when they first met back in 2014. 

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