Listen to Skrillex's Amazing Remix of Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble'
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Listen to Skrillex’s Amazing Remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’

After a long of summer of teasing the song during live sets, Skrillex finally dropped his Kendrick Lamar “Humble” remix to his eager fan-base today.

The track opens with Kendrick’s trademark verses, while a flute and a dark-bass note cues in behind his rapping. Then, Skrillex drops one of his classic flips as the song continues to progress with Kendrick’s bars.

Skrillex has repeatedly been dropping this unreleased – now released – remix in sets all summer. From Coachella, to EDC, plus several headlining live shows. The track has been everywhere; today, we get to enjoy it.

It’s only fitting that one of dance music’s largest stars would get the chance to remix such a larger than life track. Start getting used to hearing it, it will no doubt be played at every mainstage from now until the end of 2018.

Featured Image: Fist In The Air 

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