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Six Reasons To Date A Black Guitarist

Have you ever heard a black man jam on a guitar? Whether it’s the blues, rock, or heavy metal, these guys can play it all. If you’re into dating musicians, you’ll definitely want to consider dating the guitar player. An official website has shared an interesting list of the benefits of dating with a black guitarist.

1.) They play music for you on the date

There’s nothing better than being serenaded by someone when you’re on a date, right? A guitar player can use their instrument to play you their favorite songs, demonstrating their skill. An acoustic rendition of most songs will make you relax, and it’s easy to play the instrument everywhere. Just be careful of playing in public because he might accidentally attract more women that will want him!

2.) The dates with the black guitarist are unforgettable

Another reason that you’ll want to date a black guitarist is that the dates are unforgettable. You’ll find that musicians tend to go places the rest of us cannot. They’ll get backstage at a venue because they’re friends with the artists, or they might be performing. That way, you can get a view of the show that few others will ever get. Of course, not all the dates have to be centered around music. You’ll find that these guys also have a tendency to be bold and do exciting things- you can’t be a timid guitar player since you’re front and center all the time!

3.) You will fall in love with the magic instrument – the guitar.

The guitar is an instrument that is rather simple in its construction, but it can take years to learn all the intricacies. When you watch someone turn a few strums into the sounds you know and love from your favorite songs, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for the instrument. Another great thing that you’ll see concerning the instrument is that your partner will maintain and care for the guitar. Cleaning, tuning, re-stringing- these are all required actions to keep the guitar in working order, and it shows he knows how to make important things, like a relationship, last. 

4.) They look as cool with a guitar like Prince.

When a black guy walks into the room wearing a guitar on his back, he is instantly the coolest guy in the room. Not only will your date look like other stars that have come before him, but you get to be by his side as he carves a path for himself. While the chances of becoming as famous as Prince are small, you can still watch your partner and gain an appreciation for their skills from the local crowd. 

5.) Black guitarists always have a cute tattoo

Musicians tend to have something special and unique to say. That’s why they will usually get a tattoo somewhere on their body. There is a burning desire to put something permanent on their skin, and tattoos are the best way to do it. Of course, you’ll have to get close to him to find it and then learn more about him to get the hidden meaning. If things go well, you could be a part of getting his next tattoo. 

6.) They have sensual hands and fingers.

The interesting thing about any guitarist is that they have to have dexterity in their hands and fingers. A guitar player has to learn how to hit the precise part of the guitar to make it sound right. Those same hands and fingers can be even more sensitive to the needs of the human body. Think of the massages and romantic activities that you’ll enjoy with a person with such amazing control over their sense of touch! While their fingertips can be calloused, they’ll be very precise!

Dating a black guitarist can be a very eye-opening romantic experience. These individuals have the heart of a musician, incredible skill, and the ability to entertain or entrance a crowd. Finding one of these talented people can be a little difficult, though. However, by using a dating service or hanging out in the right clubs, you’ll have a great chance of meeting a guy like this. Enjoy the whirlwind of love and beautiful tunes!

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