Sintra Breaks Into Bass House With Second Single Release 'Boss' [Listen]
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Sintra Breaks Into Bass House With Second Single Release ‘Boss’


After falling in love with electronic music at Bonnaroo Music Festival, something set a spark inside Nashville-based DJ/Producer Sintra. The Nashville-based producer/DJ discovered Ableton, and has since found his sound in bass music.

“Boss,” his newest release out earlier this week, is only his second release ever on Spotify, following his debut single “Break.” “Boss” is a high-energy bass house groove, and you can give it a listen below:


“”Boss” was the song that started it all. I was searching for a new direction and at the time was feeling inspired by the music I was hearing in the bass house scene. One day I sat down in the studio and told myself, “you know who you are, just enjoy the process and have fun with it”. I made “Boss” that day, the Sintra project was born shortly after.”
– Sintra

Featured image via artist.

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