[BREAKING] Shpongle is No Longer Performing at Bonnaroo 2017

[BREAKING] Shpongle is No Longer Performing at Bonnaroo 2017

Shpongle has provided a psychedelic experience for fans since 1996.

The group, composed of Simon Posford and Raja Ram, was supposed to be bringing their talents to Bonnaroo next weekend, yet Simon was unable to receive his waiver of excludability, meaning he is barred from entering the United States.

Apparently, Simon has had this issue before due to issues that occurred in his younger days.

His artist bio on the Bonnaroo page also leads to a “Page not found” link.

Fans are heartbroken that they will not be able to experience the Shpongletron Experience, however, Bonnaroo is not leaving people hanging. 

A change in the late night schedule will be released soon and reportedly replacing the Shpongle late night set is jam band Umphrey’s McGee.

Umphrey’s will complete the weekend with not just one, but two sets. The two groups bring completely different sounds but Umphrey’s sets are known to include an awesome array of lights and a mix of songs, new and old.

Hopefully no other last minute changes will happen between now and Roo, but we will keep all you fellow Roovians up to date with the latest news!

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