Match Made in Dub Heaven: Shlump & Subdocta Collaborate on 'Cavern Dub' [Listen]
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Match Made in Dub Heaven: Shlump & Subdocta Collaborate on ‘Cavern Dub’ [Listen]

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Artist collaborations these days can be hit-or-miss, but Shlump & Subdocta didn’t miss, and “Cavern Dub” has entered the chat. Since indirectly working together 4 years ago with a Subdocta remix of Shlump’s “Hip Squeak,” the two crossed paths for both artist’s newest release – out on WAKAANThe track’s leading sound elements include drippy droppy beats and reggae wobbles.

“Cavern Dub” is a peek into what’s to come from SubDocta’s next WAKAAN EP – out later this year.

“Shlump and I have been friends for years. We met through the local Reno/Tahoe scene playing small festivals and what not. He’s a good homie, and once the pandemic hit, we were really able to put some time into a tune! I think it really showcases both of our styles and I’m excited for it to come out!”
– SubDocta


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