shallou Soothes Trepidatious Feels with his Single 'Find'
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shallou Soothes Trepidatious Feels with his Single ‘Find’

shallou delicately soothes our inner feelings of apprehension and trepidation with his latest release, “Find,” featuring Kasbo and Cody Lovaas. “Find” is the first single from shallou’s upcoming sophomore EP Souls, which is set to be released on April 27.

The slinky tune boasts a soothing sound paired with a melodic beat. The lyrics tie everything together about being stuck in a feeling and the tenacity to find a resolution to that uncertainty.

Kasbo and shallou are a match made in dreamy future bass heaven. Their similar sonic styles and delicate, yet powerful musical vibe combine beautifully on this track. Cody Lovaas‘ lush vocals give the song an airy lightness that immediately soothes you and carries you cloud-like through the entirety of the song.

Stream the track below:

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