Shakedown Productions Debuts Thrilling Showcase at Fox Theatre w/ Sortof Vague, Steven Haman, & More (Event Preview)

Shakedown Productions Debuts Thrilling Showcase at Fox Theatre w/ Sortof Vague, Steven Haman, & More (Event Preview)

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On April 20th, 2024 the Fox Theater in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, will undergo an extraordinary transformation. Courtesy of Shakedown Productions, and in an exciting collaboration with Lost Horizon Productions, the venue is poised to morph into an immersive haven for the senses. Anticipate an evening where the boundaries between sound and sight are surely to collide in a fine tuned and calibrated experience.

shakedown productions

Founded in 2023, Shakedown Productions has been establishing their name in the Denver bass realm with shows that have featured names like Crawdad Sniper, Audio Goblin, Merman.G, INQUUIT, and more. Attempting to expand their horizons and widen their appeal, this upcoming event unveils Shakedown’s biggest conquest yet.

As for Lost Horizons, they have quickly become regarded as a premier sound production company in Denver that specializes in high-quality sound services for events, concerts, and festivals. The group is renowned for its state-of-the-art rigs, particularly the infamous Funktion One sound system. For the Fox Theater, Lost Horizon is bringing in the largest Funktion One deployment the venue has seen in 30 years, promising an unparalleled auditory experience for attendees.

“The Fox has always been one of my favorite venues, and over the few dozen shows I’ve been in the audience there the Z2 team really executes things cleanly. I really appreciate their attention to detail. To be bringing in the largest Funktion One deployment the Fox has ever had with the help of Lost Horizon Productions is a real full circle moment.” 
– Tucker Arendsee, Founder of Shakedown Productions

In the following sections, we delve deeper into the artists and producers slated to grace the stage and provide insights into what patrons can anticipate.

Sortof Vague X AntiAlias

Denver-based DJ and producer, Sortof Vague, has an extraordinary talent for seamlessly blending energies and elevating the atmosphere of any room.

Joining him in Boulder is AntiAlias, a visual mastermind hailing from Virginia. Utilizing Unreal Engine and Notch VFX, AntiAlias creates visually stunning masterpieces that perfectly complement Sortof Vague’s sonic landscapes. After recently touring with Pretty Lights, the multimedia visual artist is currently at the top of his game.


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Brace yourself for a visual extravaganza that will defy reality. The stunning projections and mesmerizing animations dance in perfect harmony with the experimental bass.

“Sortof Vague (Sam) has been doing incredible amounts of work in the studio and I can’t wait to see him unleash it on the crowd with the help of Anti-Alias and the rest of the visual team. The entire evening lineup is composed of some of the most thoughtful human beings and musicians that I know, and I am so grateful they are  taking time to be a part of the event.”

  • Tucker Arendsee, Founder of Shakedown Productions

Entangled Mind x Steven Haman

Entangled Mind combines organic instrumentation with beautifully crafted electronic production to inspire real connections through music.

Paired with Steven Haman, a veteran in the industry known for his mesmerizing live visuals, their performance promises to be a narrative force, captivating audiences with each twist and turn of sound and imagery.


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Bread Winner x Mezmer

Bread Winner, a Denver-based hip-hop and experimental music producer, brings his unique blend of vibey beats and scratching elements to the stage.

Joined by Mezmer, whose expertise spans from VJing to 3D sculpting and world-building visuals, their collaboration offers a multi-sensory experience that will leave a lasting impression.


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EOS & Kaonashi

EOS pronounced “Ee-o-s”, or Engineer of Sound, delivers an ever-evolving audio experience that explores the expansive landscapes of electronic music genres. Deep, resonating bass lines intertwine with intricate harmonies and avant-garde sound design, earning EOS the admiration of his peers.

Teaming up with Kaonashi, a digital artist known for hyper-realistic 3D graphics, his multi-dimensional take on aspect, perspective, and vantage point blurs the lines between reality and digital art, pushing the boundaries and synthesis of visual-audio expression.


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PhLo & Graymatter

Hailing from Denver, PhLo is deeply entrenched in the realm of experimental music. His dynamic live performances seamlessly blend scratching with an array of captivating techniques. PhLo personifies the artistic lifestyle, crafting both jewelry and music as he journeys across the country’s coasts. Whether gracing expansive stages or mingling among the hammocks, he warmly greets fans with a familiar “hello”.

Joined by Graymatter, whose style encompasses a diverse amount of influence. Live sets will undoubtedly incorporate elements of all modern dance music motifs with some crushing bass lines, and dance-heavy, infectious melodies.

As the event’s date approaches, the air is crackling with anticipation for what’s set to be a seductive and irresistible musical rendezvous. With a lineup of talented artists and visionary creators, attendees can expect nothing short of a cinematic journey through sound and visuals. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable celebration of psychedelia at Fox Theater on April 20th.

It always comes down to producing the best possible audiovisual entertainment in a given room in a given evening. Shakedown is a collective effort of individuals pushing the envelope sustainably and steadily. I will not be throwing a show every weekend, but when I do you can be sure it will be with zero regard to profit and entirely focused on leaving the audience speechless when the lights come on.
  • Tucker Arendsee, Founder of Shakedown Productions

Want to make an entire day, night, and early morning out of it? Check out the pre and after parties Shakedown will be throwing at The Boulder Riverside!


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With appearances by acts like Craftal, Absolem, and Fowl Play, these functions will get the momentum started early and keep it going into the early morning. Follow Shakedown Productions in the links below to keep up with everything they’ve got going on!

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