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SG Lewis Unleashes Second Phase of ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’ Series [Listen]

SG Lewis; Photo by Harvey Pearson

“Dark,” the second installment of London-based songwriter and producer SG Lewis’s album series Dusk, Dark, Dawn has arrived.

On Dusk, released this past April, SG Lewis laid the groundwork for his genre-bending three part-concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn. The album, in his own words, “Maps the trajectory of one night out over the course of an album, matching genres and tempos different stages of that night, beginning at sundown, both inside and outside the club.” The first installment, Dusk, impressed with a diverse set of dance-friendly tracks that propelled SG Lewis on tour dates reaching four separate continents.

Though just five tracks in length, Dark transports the listener through vast musical space over the span of twenty-one minutes. Deep-house collaborations “Again” and “Release,” with fellow-British electronic artists Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Dot Major (of London Grammar), create an entrancing atmosphere with deep cutting basslines. An album of collaborations, SG ventures into darker territory lyrically on dance floor standout “Hurting“, featuring AlunaGeorge, and “A.A.T” with Drew Love of hip-hop duo THEY, before closing longingly with “Dreaming“, featuring Bruno Major.

Dark shows SG’s adaptability in crafting a diverse range of sounds centered around the theme, balancing experimentation with an undeniable mastery of his own sound. With two chapters of the Dusk, Dark, Dawn series squared away, we could not be more excited to see what SG has in store on the final installment. Til then, we’ll be jamming out to Dusk and Dark nonstop.

Check out ‘Dark’ below and let us know what you think!

Featured image by Harvey Pearson via artist Facebook page

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