sfam Drops New Grimey Self-Released Single 'Water' [Listen Now]
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sfam Drops New Grimey Self-Released Single ‘Water’ [Listen Now]

Your daily dose of new music comes to you today from sfam, the New Orleans duo that’s been making huge waves in their seven years together. Their latest single, “Water” is the next installment of their dark & distinct heavy bass music.

sfam, comprised of Jacob Hoerner & Michael Pearson, has positioned itself as one of the most impressive and innovative new acts in bass music. After a recent interview we conducted with them we knew they were a force to be reckoned with. Hoerner & Pearsons prove that they are here to stay as their sound continues to evolve with every release.

Our sources tell us that they’re locked and loaded with an arsenal of unreleased music for the upcoming year. If you are looking to catch the sfam boys in 2021, you can find them at Kosmic Kingdom Festival, Red Rocks in support of REZZ on September 3, and finally at the mecca of bass music festivals Excision’s Lost Lands. Learn more about sfam here!



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featured images via Underground Frequencies

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