Seth Rogen Stuns Fans With Secret 'Home Alone' Plot Twist
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Seth Rogen Stuns Fans With Secret ‘Home Alone’ Plot Twist

Everybody knows the line, in fact, most Americans probably say it once or twice a year while celebrating Christmas. “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal,” is one of those classic Christmas lines that has lived on for decades, but Seth Rogen might have just crushed a small part of your childhood. 

Rogen, like the most of the world, said he spent years convinced that the movie from which that quote was taken, Angels With Filthy Souls, actually existed. But in a cruel plot twist, the actor tweeted on Christmas Day that the movie does not exist, and was created for Home Alone specifically.

Even Macaulay Culkin had something to say about it after the actors/directors tweet went viral. See the full exchange below! 

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