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Sensu Debuts Lush First Single From Forthcoming Album [Listen]

Sensu returns with “Listen,” the first single off of her forthcoming debut full-length album: Embrace. Joining the lush landscape of “Listen” is Otis Junior, a soulful vocalist from Louisville, Kentucky. Accompanying the track release is an equally as intriguing music video to indulge all of your senses.

“Listen” gives a peek as to what’s to come from Sensu and her debut album release on September 5th.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Sensu is a music producer, musician, and live-act based in Baden, Switzerland. Her interests in various elements of music leads to the style of music that she produces, a combination of everything from experimental to chillstep.

“The song ‘Listen’ perfectly represents the style of music I create. It’s a track with drum sounds that you could use in a hip-hop track and synthesizer sounds which could be used in a trance song, so it creates that electronic sound mixed with an organic feel to it. […]” – Sensu

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Featured image by Jen Reis. 

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