Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sinbad's 'Jingle All The Way' Debuted 22 Years Ago Today
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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sinbad’s ‘Jingle All The Way’ Debuted 22 Years Ago Today

Is there anything better than a good ole fashioned Arnold Schwarzenegger holiday movie? Add in a dash of Sinbad and some ridiculous plot lines, and you have an instant cult classic. 

Just a quick recap, Arnold promises to get Jamie, his son, the hottest toy of the season: a Turbo-Man. But like a true dingus, Mr. Schwarzenegger forgets to buy his ONLY son the ONLY toy he wants for Christmas. Seriously, what a sh*tty thing to do. 

So on Christmas Eve, he has to hunt down the elusive gift, as it’s basically sold out everywhere, so he goes on wild goose chases across the entire city. Come on, you remember how popular Furby’s were right? This is pre-internet movie people, hunting down toys during the final days of Christmas was the only way to do it back then. 

Sinbad’s character, a quirky mailman, comes into play as they both realize they’re on the same ridiculous quest. By the end of the movie, Schwarzenegger’s character impersonates a police officer, fights a group of midgets, sets a house on fire, threatens people with a bomb, and ends up dressing up as Turbo Man himself during a massive Thanksgiving day parade. 

It’s one of those crazy 1990’s movies, terrible acting, plotlines are ridiculous and overall cheesiness. But somehow, we can’t stop watching. When is the last time you watched Jingle All The Way? Might be time to dive in once more? 

Featured image via the movie. 

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