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SAYMYNAME Shares Two-Track ‘Elevated’ EP [Listen]

With a lyrical-focused A-side and a underground trap B-side, SAYMYNAME shares his dynamic Elevated EP, his second EP release of 2020 with more to come.

Joined by Yung Pinch on “Alright” and the skull shattering bass in “Spitfire,” SAYMYNAME explores two different moods and influences within Elevated. Experimenting with his cross-genre love, “Alright” is the brainchild of SAYMYNAME’s many musical influences. “Spitfire” is a classic trap anthem, serving as a testament to his title: the godfather of #hardtrap.

SAYMYNAME has more EPs in store for the year, as well as a brand new album! Stay tuned for more.

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