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Saint Spicer Opens Up About Her New Single, Traveling, and Love [Interview]

Saint Spicer is a vocalist, song-writer, and truth-teller. The Austin-based Texan is relatively new in the scene, but still deserves all the praise. For 2019, she has lots of things in store, including her new single “On Repeat,” which came out 2 weeks ago, and a new album.

Her past year’s releases include two tracks: “Volatile” and “I Promise I’m Carefree.” “On Repeat” is the first single from her upcoming album Space Cowgirl, which will (hopefully) be released this May. “It’s a funk/jazz album, and it’s really modern with elements of hip-hop, country, rock, etc,” she says.

“On Repeat” holds a special place in Saint’s heart as it reflects a “fresh start” for her.

“It’s the first song I wrote with my bassist Jason Cherry, and now we are working on a full album. This song was my first foray into using music for my personal healing, and I’m thrilled that it’s being received so well.”

“On Repeat” and her other past releases draw influences from a variety of genres, and it seems her upcoming music stays true to this as well. She also pulls inspiration from places that she’s lived and traveled to.

She spent much of time growing up moving: Growing up around such different people meant accepting the humanity in everyone around me, even if they didn’t look like me, or behave like me, or even like me as a person. That is something that has deeply influenced me.” She’s lived everywhere from Madrid to Los Angeles, but now calls Texas home. Though she’s only lived in Texas for a decade of her life, she accredits the culture to being her “biggest influence on her art.” 

Many find refuge in music during the trials and tribulations one experiences in life. On how music has affected her life while she’s been constantly uprooted from place to place, she said:

You listen to the music on the radio, or hear songs at the school dances…that’s a big influence! How many of y’all went to school dancing the Cumbia at homecoming? Or wore cowboy boots and danced to country music on the way to preschool? At the root of all these genres is something inspiring, something really haunting—the blues. I could get into all the music theory about the blues scale, the development of the blues as a genre, but do yourselves a favor and listen to Robert Johnson. He recorded in San Antonio during the depression. That music is the root of all the music you hear today. It’s rhythmic and haunting. It’s sexy and pleading. And the blues has been with me my whole damn life, and learning that has been the biggest influence of all.

Saint is also a huge advocate for self-love. She explains that “love starts at the core of your own body.”

There is a big beautiful world of love out there that has nothing to do with sex or lust! It includes loving yourself, making space and time for yourself. It includes loving your friends, listening to them and doing the same for them as you do for yourself. And it includes your family, and your pets. And even strangers on the street! But none of these things are valued as much as the other type of love. So my advice is value those things. Start with valuing self love and go from there. See what happens.

For parting words of wisdom, she wanted to thank the readers at River Beats for reading.

I genuinely appreciate the support and if I could return the favor, one thing I’d wish for you today is to think about something that would make you happy…maybe a milkshake, or taking a walk, or petting a dog…and take 5 minutes and do that today. Thank you again!


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