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RUUD and Romy Dya Ignite Listeners with “Fire It Up” [Listen]

The properly titled “Fire It Up” delivers fierce energy in the instrumental along empowering verses of self-assurance and rebuilding. The collaboration between RUUD and Romy Dya is a match made in heaven. The R&B/pop vocals weave into RUUD’s broad forward-thinking production style. “Fire It Up” takes advantage of many popularly followed genres all in one song. Catchy vocals with a swing, melodic build-ups and drops, and a pop-oriented structure make the tune a strong dance-pop cross over.

The single marks a high-profile move between the two acts. Romy Dya has not only written for winners from the TV show The Voice, but has even collaborated with Martin Garrix on the single “So Far Away.” Now, with over 200 million streams under her belt, she’s well on her way to wide-spread notoriety. RUUD also has serious music industry credibility. The solo artist produced multi-million streamed songs for others before starting his own alias.

The alignment of these two has produced a certified-heater, cross your fingers for another collaboration soon.

Listen to “Fire It Up” below.

Featured image courtesy of artist’s Instagram.

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