Rusko & Subtronics Team Up for Wobbly New Single 'Bounce' [Listen]

Subtronics has been a real tear over the past few months and that hot streak continues today. Subtronics and dubstep OG Rusko team up for the wobbly new single “Bounce.” 

“Bounce” was inspired by a social media post whereby a fan suggested the pairing and Subtronics responded that he would ‘cut his big toe off with a pair of pliers to work on music with Rusko.’ Well, it looks like Subtronics might be missing a big toe, because “Bounce” is upon us. 

“Bounce” made its debut earlier this year during Subtronics Electric Forest set and Rusko’s Camp Bisco Set. Since it’s debut fans have steadily waited for its release. The song features Rusko’s unique sound design and Subtronics signature wobbly riddim style beats. 

Dive into “Bounce” below


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