[Listen] RUN DMT - Gamma Ray (feat. Vorso) [Kill Your Ego]
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RUN DMT – Gamma Ray (feat. Vorso) [Must Listen]

RUN DMT - Revolutionaire

Texas-based John “RUN DMT” Robbins just released his album Revolutionaire. He first emerged onto the bass music scene in 2010, and is now onto his third album release already. One of the highlight tracks is “Gamma Ray” featuring Bath/Southampton-based producer Vorso. It’s a wild one!

Why do we like it?

In the beginning of the song, there’s a sense that you’re about to get in to something peculiar. But not in a clichéd, “this song about to have a drop!” type of way. The track gives direction for your ears and mind to connect with. Then, you’re hypnotized with just the right amount of provoking, bass-driven melodies. Unlike most modern bass music, there’s no overproduction or excess sound design with this track.

Check out RUN DMT’s new album Revolutionaire!

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Feature image courtesy of RUN DMT.

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