Rüfüs Du Sol Hints at Possible Breakup After Current Tour [Watch]

UPDATE: No, Rüfüs Du Sol is Not Breaking Up [New Details]

Update: Per official sources, Rufus Du Sol is not breaking up after their Surrender tour is over. We reached out directly for comment on the matter, and per our source, the band was in fact not discussing a break-up after their latest tour is completed. AVS Video Editor Pro 2022 Crack

Rufus Du Sol is touted as one of the biggest bands on the planet, and they may have just hinted at the end of their journey.

The Australian group hailing from Sydney consists of Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt. Their debut album Atlas peaked at number one in Australia, while their second album Bloom became a worldwide success and brought them huge scores of fans in the US and globally. Their single “You Were Right” won the ARIA Award for Best Dance Release in 2015, and has been a fan favorite since debuting.

Rufus is currently on tour for their 2021 album Surrender. Last night the band played at one of their “Favorite spots” in the world, The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. During the performance, lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist announced subtly that this show and the final dates of their tour would be the “last shows they play as a unit.”  The announcement confused fans, as there has been no official news. You can watch the moment from the live show below and decide for yourself what the announcement means.


While the band has not yet taken to social media to share any updates, fans on Twitter have claimed some of the members are moving to different areas of the US, and this could be the last leg of their tour and the last of them in the same city vs breaking up as a unit.

Stay tuned for more news from Rufus and River Beats to see when more information is available.

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