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713 Music Hall Kicks Off Debut Show w/ RÜFÜS DU SOL + Flight Facilities [Review]

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713 Music Hall in Houston opened their doors last Thursday with a stunning evening featuring RÜFÜS DU SOL and Flight Facilities. The show was part of the 3-piece livetronica group’s new album release tour, Surrender, and happened to fall on the first day of opening for the brand new venue. The venue once housed art and music festival Day for Night before being transformed to a gorgeous performance hall that fits up to 5,000.

Knowing the venue’s capacity is impressive, especially when both artists sold out two separate nights of shows on a Thursday and Friday. Kicking things off for the evening at 713 Music Hall was Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities. Though they experienced some technical difficulties, they persevered and even brought out multiple live vocal artists.

The performance from Rufus was everything you’d expect from a Grammy-nominated trio… amazing! With the focus of the tour around the release of their new album Surrender, almost all of the songs from the album were played including previously released singles “On My Knees,” “Next to Me” and “Alive.” With a light cage enclosed around all three members, the light show that followed kept all in attendance mesmerized.


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The trio have obviously found solace in creating new music throughout the last 2 years while we were holed up at home, but this album is some of their most raw and authentic stuff yet. Entering a new chapter for the band, RÜFÜS DU SOL continue to so expertly blend live instruments and electronic synths. With 11 interwoven tunes, the album also sees a collaboration with Curtis Harding, a rare RÜFÜS experiment with collaboration, and the title track of the album. “Surrender” was a treat to see and hear live.

Long story short, if you’re able to catch RÜFÜS du SOL live, do so!
Check out their upcoming shows and tour dates here.


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