Rome in Silver Pulls Inspiration from Different Locations for EP - 'Makeshift Moon' [Listen]
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Rome in Silver Pulls Inspiration from Different Locations for EP – ‘Makeshift Moon’ [Listen]

rome in silver

bitbird artist Rome in Silver, aka Vinny Pisciotta, shared their 5-track EP release Makeshift Moon last week. Each track on the EP tells a story of different locations that were used as inspiration, concluding with the “finale.” Rome in Silver has released a handful of the tracks as singles prior to the EP drop which is why the final project being shared feels like the end of a chapter in his musical ventures.

All of his releases within the last year have led to this moment, starting with the first of the “trilogy” – Like Lightning, listen below:

Ranging from Palm Springs to Orange County, Rome in Silver “took in a lot of [his] surroundings” while working on Makeshift Moon, as well as films. He spent a lot of time “watching movies, analyzing them, and coming up with cool concepts for future music videos and/or other projects.”

“…they [the tracks] all have a drastically different feel. You can feel the solitude of the desert [on one track] and the uplifting and euphoric mood of the ocean [on another.]” – Rome in Silver

Makeshift Moon includes a rare collaboration featuring Biicla, and concludes with “You Know,” cleansing and moving on from “a dark period in his life.” River Beats favorite is the previously released “Like You,” a twinkly upbeat electro-bop, though “Colorblind” is a close second.

Rome in Silver is scheduled to play Bonnaroo, and join alongside Hippie Sabotage and San Holo tour dates into this year and next.

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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