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Rolling Loud Co-Founder Throws Shade at Electronic Festivals: 'DJ's Fake a Performance…'

Another day, another controversial tweet. Last night, Tariq Cherif, the co-founder of rap festival Rolling Loud, threw some shade at electronic music with a pretty awful tweet. Before reading this, let’s keep in mind that Insomniac, one of the top company’s in electronic music, owns Rolling Loud. 

Tariq, the co-founder, shared a quote tweet of photos with Tomorrowland, EDC, Lost Lands, and Electric Forest. The original tweet itself said “Regular people: Rolling Loud and Coachella are the best festivals in the world. Ravers: Hold my beer,” with the corresponding images. He then said “Lol. They need all that production bcause the DJ’s just push play and fake a “performance.” Also, Rolling Loud is 5 years old. Find pictures of EDC, Tomorrowland, or Ultra in their 5th year and put those up against Rolling Loud. And then, hold my joint.”

Rolling Loud began in Miami, Florida 5 years ago and it definitely has grown since then, now also in Los Angeles and New York, and claims to be “the largest hip-hop festival in the world.” But, to try and compare the festival to an electronic festival is pretty ridiculous; after all, we all know who would win (hint: not Rolling Loud).

Let’s just see what the people have to say….

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