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An Active Shooter False Alarm Caused Panic at Rolling Loud Festival

Rolling Loud, the world’s largest hip-hop festival, kicked off yesterday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. Unfortunately, the festival was marred by an intense drama on day 1. Reports started to flood in of a panic caused by an active shooter false alarm.

Fans at the festival ran for safety after hearing loud bangs, with some climbing fences and sustaining minor injuries in the rush to escape. Rolling Loud since took  to Twitter to announce that local police have confirmed the incident was indeed a false alarm.

Police nor Rolling Loud have issued a statement saying what initially caused the panic or what the loud noises were. While the festival assured those who evacuated could return, the intense moments startled thousands of fans.

Various moments of the panic were captured by various festival goers on Twitter. Check out some of the tweets below:


As more reports about the incident become available we will update this article.


Featured Image: Culture Kings 


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