Robokid Makes Monumental Release with Newest Track 'DEAD2ME' - River Beats Dance
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Robokid Makes Monumental Release with Newest Track ‘DEAD2ME’

Since his EP release at the beginning of the year, Robokid has remained relatively on the down low. It’s clear now that his silence is because he’s been working on brand new music, including a new sound. On top of this release, he’s had his hands full with his budding record label, Moving Castle, alongside AOBeats and Manila Killa.

“DEAD2ME” is HUGE for him as he shows a shift in sound and musicality. While his indie-electronic roots remain strong, he branches out with his own songwriting and singing. Not many artists have the guts to explore a completely unknown realm of music, yet Robokid shines in this feat.

Give “DEAD2ME” a listen below:

Featured image via Robokid Facebook page. 

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