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#Road2BUKU: Dohm Collective [Exclusive Interview + Guestmix]

It started like all great things do…. with an idea. The beginning of Dohm Collective was a group of friends looking for a way to create a space for all their friends to gather for music festivals and hanging out. Little did they know that within a year of their founding, they would end up launching one of most noted electronic music collectives in New Orleans all while throwing some dope parties in the process.

Chase LaBure, Nick Meyn, Stephen Ridgeway, Matthew Zuppardo, and Brendan Pechon started the project as a way to provide a place where their friends could gather, hang out, and sleep when they traveled to music festivals around the country. The geodesic dome structure quickly drew the attention of fellow campers and festival goers alike and became known as Dohm, a play on the words dome and ohm.

Ridgeway saw the potential in creating an entire experience around Dohm. A place of expression for artists and people that you can actually touch and be a part of. With LaBure (C-LAB), Meyn (LoMeyn) and Zuppardo (Zupparty) bringing their various styles as DJs and Pechon (Pawn) providing visuals and lighting, the guys launched the official Dohm Collective at the Ignition Festival put on by the Krewe of Chewbacchus in 2015. Along the way, they added funk DJ Austin Thompson (Dino Brawl), performer Jeanne Lestelle (L’Rave) and other various visual artists and creatives to the Dohm team to build a performance art project that can be brought anywhere.

Since its inception, Dohm Collective has solidified its place in New Orleans and has a reputation of throwing some of the best parties in the city. Whether they are taking over the courtyard at the Dragon’s Den or throwing down jams at a warehouse party, there is no denying there is something incredibly special about Dohm events. Dohm’s extensive repertoire includes features at various parties and events in New Orleans like Hell’s Gala and festivals like Bonnaroo and Pass the Good.

The thing that sets Dohm apart from anything like it and one of the most integral parts: its inclusion of the audience. Once you step in, you are completely immersed in the experience and brought directly into the party.

Dohm Collective will take its next stop in the Front Yard at BUKU Music + Art Project, Friday night from 9:30-12:30 am.

In preparation for their upcoming showcase, we caught up with the members of Dohm Collective to talk all things BUKU and they went b2b = “Back2BUKU”! Enjoy this 90-minute exclusive mix from Zupparty, LoMeyn, Dino Brawl and C-LaB aka Dohm Collective.

Interview with Chase (C-LaB), Matthew (Zupparty), Nick (LoMeyn), Austin (Dino Brawl), Brendan (Pawn), and Stephen (CareAsthmatic)

What does “BUKU” mean to you?

“BUKU is my festival. It’s the music I love with the people I care about in the city I grew up in. I couldn’t possibly be more attached to it.”


“I’ve only been to BUKU the last two years and one of those times was as one of the Sunsabetchez in the back alley. BUKU does such a good job of capturing the good vibes and essence of New Orleans and I’m proud of the fact that such an experience exists in this city. I’ve only been twice, but BUKU is a festival that I don’t think I’ll ever miss again.”


“BUKU means it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year. It puts great music, New Orleans culture, and stunning city views all into one well-executed package. It makes me proud to say I’m from New Orleans.

I haven’t missed BUKU once and don’t plan on it anytime soon. It was the first festival I performed at and will be returning for my third performance this year. It brings some of my closest friends and family together in the best ways every year, and I can’t wait to be back :)”


BUKU is a great representation what happens when art and music collide within a city so rich with a musical and artistic history. It feels like the heart of a culture; a gathering of like minded individuals for the appreciation of what the city has to offer.

“BUKU was the first electronic-based fest I went to. Discovering the vibe and seeing artists like Flux Pavilion, Kendrick Lamar, Break Science, and so many others I can’t even remember. I’ve been back every year since and it’s become a huge part of my life.   AUSTIN

“BUKU is the craziest weekend in New Orleans, hands down. It’s non-stop once you enter the gate. The line-up is always expertly curated, and the vibe is always on-point. BUKU is also home to my favorite stage, the Back Alley. I have so much love for BUKU!”   NICK

Which artist on the lineup would you most want to collaborate with? What would that collaboration look like?

“I would most want to collaborate with Nora En Pure. Her unique style of melodic house music fills my soul with positive vibes and warms my heart. I would really enjoy combining our love for melodies while creating with her.”


The artist I want to collaborate with is Space Jesus. Our collaboration would be like if you were standing in the desert during the night but the sand was 8-bit pixels and you were sinking into it.


“Man! The Floozies, Griz, Gramatik, Opiou, so many funky people I’d love to work with.”AUSTIN


“I’d like to make a song with Cashmere Cat. It would be really cute <3”


“Personally, I’d love to sit in with Sophie and create visuals while he creates… well whatever you’d like to call his music. I’m sure the collaboration would result in some weird, weird shit.”


“I’d like to make music with Sophie, tour with Lido or Saint Heron, and make music videos with Lil Dicky. They all inspire me so much and couldn’t be more different from each other.”


Who (besides you, of course) is your must-see pick for the festival?

“My main stage must-see is easily GRiZmatik. I like GRiZ and Gramatik, but getting to see the duo has somehow escaped me all these years. There is also Opiou who I have never seen and I am so excited to see for the first time.”


“Geez, where do I even start? This lineup is packed full of amazing talent. If I had to pick one I will not miss Chet Porter. He’s on the VIP Boat but anyone who is able to see him is in for a treat.”


“Tycho is my must-see this year for BUKU. I’ve been waiting for BUKU to book Tycho since it started, and this is finally the year that I will be able to enjoy that most beautiful and serene BUKU sunset during Tycho at the Power Plant stage.”


“I love this lineup, I really hope I can find time to see all my favorites like Space Jesus and Opiou, but secretly I have this sick obsession with Chet Porter, so he’s my must-see pick.”


“My god I’ve been dying to see Lido since 2013 or so, and every time I had the chance it went away. He came with SBTRKT and it was canceled. I drove to Michigan to see him and was late. I’m so grateful he’s on this lineup”


“Must see would be Lido at the Power Plant! He’s one of the most talented humans on the planet and you don’t want to miss it.”


Check out their exclusive b2b2b2b #Road2BUKU guest mix below

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