RL Grime's Halloween Mix Receives Visual Upgrade from Fan
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RL Grime’s Halloween Mix Receives Visual Upgrade from Fan

Last week, Rl Grime fans were blessed with The producer’s annual Halloween Mix. The mix, titled Halloween 6, featured an introduction from skateboard legend Tony Hawk, plus seamless transitions and classic Grime tracks.

And if the one hour mix wasn’t already great, today a fan released the ultimate video to accompany the stellar mix. Reddit user luckkyirish shared this special video to go along with Halloween 6. The video gives the user the complete listening experience. The amazing video includes various cuts from horror movies and television. Blow this up on your TV and immerse yourself!

Give the video a watch at the link below to complete the Halloween 6 Mix experience!

I made a video edit for RL Grime’s Halloween Mix. It’s a random ass combination of horror, sex, drugs, and violence. Added a download link for anyone interested. from trap

Featured image via Kelsey James.

CC: Run the Trap

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